Wednesday 13 November 2013

Welcome to Pet Pawz!

I'm Lynsey, I own and run Pet Pawz, a newly established Dog Walking and Pet Sitting business operating from Bedlington, Northumberland.

To many people pets form an important part of the family, finding the time to spend with them and take them for walks doesn't always come easy. Whether you work long hours or don't feel you're able to provide your pet with the exercise it demands, whatever your situation and circumstances I aim to offer that support for both you and your pet.

My pet visit service also offers a friendly face to call in during the day for up to 2 hours and provide them with food, medication or a play time that all types of pets require. If you feel as though your pet would benefit from having a visitor throughout the day, I'm here for those occasions.

Contact Information

Where Do I Work

I'm currently working throughout a number of town in Northumberland as listed.
Should you live outside these areas please feel free to contact me with your requirements as this is purely a guide.

I try to be affordable

It's common knowledge that to a lot of people money is tight right now and finding the additional funds for your pet to be walked or have a visit throughout the day can be tough. That's why I try to keep my prices affordable! Visit the pricing page for more information but I start from £5.50 for a half hour walk and £7.50 for an hour!

About me!

It's always comforting to know a little about the person that's caring for your pets and taking them out and about.

I have a great love for all types of animals which makes running a business such as Pet Pawz both satisfying and rewarding.

I've had pets in the house for as long as I can remember, I currently have a lovely black Labrador called Libby, you'll see plenty of her on the gallery page.

Prior to setting up Pet Pawz I worked for just over a year at Benton Dog and Cat Shelter caring for and exercising all kind of animals from dogs/cats both domestic and stray to a wide range of farm animals. It was a position I loved which lead me to set up Pet Pawz, a service I have a great passion in providing.

Anything you'd like to know please get in touch by dropping me an email using the email address at the top of the page.